Agricultural Genomics Services

AgGenom - Agriculture Genomics division of SciGenom provides solutions to Agri Industry and Academia.

Genomics based applications in agricultural research is increasing with the decoding of major plant genomes in the recent years. Agri-Genomics is one of the key future technology for food security of 9 Billion humans and livestock. AgGenom is an agricultural genomics division of SciGenom established to cater the increasing technical needs of seed companies, research institutions and farming community. AgGenom is housed in Genome Valley, Hyderabad, a leading biotech cluster of India.

AgGenom services include allele mining technologies, genotyping and immunodiagnostics. A professional team in the field of agricultural genomics, life sciences and bioinformatics committed to provide advanced technological solutions by using a range of genomic technology platforms including Illumina MiSeq, HiSeq 2000. AgGenom expertise in bioinformatics and data analysis provides the client with effective means of interpreting huge amount of genomic data generated on these platforms. AgGenom offers ready to use catalogue assays for marker assisted selection of wide range crop research programs and introgression support for effective selection strategies. The scientific team at AgGenom provides customised tools for the breeders for hybrid purity analysis, parentage verification, germplasm profiling, maintenance breeding. We understand the needs of the industry and design the need based tools using advanced state of the art technologies.

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