Custom monoclonal antibodies

SciGenom offers production of high-affinity monoclonal reagent-grade Fabs and full-length IgGs for use in basic and clinical research labs. It uses licensed proprietary phage display libraries to generate synthetic Fabs/IgGs. The diversity of peptides displayed in the library is >10^10, which guarantees high affinity Fabs against antigens from any source.

  • Purified Ag protein (5mg/ml) can be supplied by customer against which Fab can be generated. Alternatively, customer can use our protein production pipeline to generate the antigen for screening.
  • Customer has the option to select  Fabs or full-length IgGs, based on their requirement.
  • Option of getting the Ag-Fab or Ag-IgG validation assay optimised is available with us
  • Customer can choose Fc region of IgG (human/mouse/rat/goat/others (specify), depending on their application.
  • Customer has the ability to opt for any special detection tags on the Fabs/IgGs.
  • SciGenom Fabs/IgGs work best for FACS/IF/IP and ELISA and worth testing for WB and IHC.


  • Monoclonal antibodies
  • Diversity
  • Choice of Format – Fab, IgG with mouse/rabbit/human Fc
  • TAT – antigen protein to antibody in 6 weeks!
  • Development using animal free process

Custom Reagent-grade monoclonal Antibodies

Target Antigen name:*
Target Ag to be supplied by customer:* Yes No
Specify concentration and volume of Ag protein to be supplied by customer:*
Ag protein source / sequence information:
Ag protein toxicity information:
Ag protein specific handling information (if any):
Purity level of the Ag protein:*
Ag protein storage and buffer compatibility information:
Note: Customer to avail SG’s Ag production facility
Whether the customer will supply the clone for Antigen production?:* Yes No
Whether the customer requires the additional cloning and expression services for Antigen production?:* Yes No
Identity of the expression vector:*
Sequence map of the expression vector:
DNA sequence information of Ag protein:
Expression system desired for Antigen production:*

Format of the antibody preferred by customer:* Fab Human IgG Mouse IgG
Desired amount of IgG required:*
Applications IgG validated for:* FACS IF IP ELISA
For FACS applications, whether fluorochrome labelled antibody is required:* Yes No
Specify the type of fluorochrome label:

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